BBC1 Big Painting Challenge series 3

“Diana was one of our mentors on the BBC celebrity painting challenge, and as a fairly new self-taught artist myself , the mentoring sessions were one of my favourite parts. I really soaked up all the information and tips she had to share. She was very generous and encouraging, which is great when you’re unsure if what you’re doing is any good. She was also able to give fun art exercises to help strengthen some of the areas where she identified our work was weakest. She is a very fun, knowledgeable and talented communicator and she will definitely help you embolden your artwork in a way that is unique to you, she is also great fun to be around.”

Josie D’arby- winner of Celebrity Painting Challenge

“Diana our tutor was inspirational. Her enthusiasm and passion for art were really infectious. She worked tirelessly ( all day for those who wished) to introduce us to new mediums and methods and new ideas about art in general. She ensured that we had a fun week and learnt a great deal. I know that what I have learnt will help me to develop my own work in the future”

Lesley Ann-Kelly, participant Painting Retreat, Lucca

“I really enjoyed myself yesterday. The art workshop was great and it struck me as no better vehicle to get people’s minds into the right place for innovative/creative work although overcoming senior management cynicism would be the first hurdle!!” 
“I had the fantastic opportunity to attend Monday’s event, ‘Gauging the Impact’ at the Camden offices by Martin Reddington and his lovely team.  Not only did I feel both inspired and humbled listening to Lord Chris Holmes’ awesome journey and presentation in the morning session, I equally felt energised and inspired when I took part in the afternoon session which you ran absolutely brilliantly. Your energy and ability to effortlessly grab all our attention and look at how art can be interpreted in so many different ways was thought provoking and very well delivered.”

Eleanor McWilliams, Project Officer, HR Workforce Programme– Haringey Council

Painting retreat, Lucca

“NG:She Community Interest Company have found Diana Ali to be an absolute joy to work with on our adult learning programme for women. Her ‘Women into Art’ classes have been a huge draw for Nottinghamshire residents, not just for their creative content, but because our students report their intense satisfaction in enjoying making their art in a safe, relaxed, therapeutic environment. They feel they can chat, share and explore their concerns and issues with the tutor and their peers, and we are very proud to have worked with Diana in this regard. We strongly recommend her creative, healing approach to learning about and practicing art, to anyone wishing to turn an interest into a passion. Her wider associated skills were evident from our first meeting with her. All the NG:She team are in agreement that there is a job here for her anytime she may want one …. or indeed, anytime the TV folk can spare her! Thank you so much wonderful Diana”

Rose and Jo, Directors NG:She Community Interest Company

“Thank you for all your hard work invested in exhibition preparation. Can’t thank you enough as am so grateful for your dedication and magic ability to conjure up wonderful exhibitions!”
“Well done, I’m very aware of all the hard work you’ve put in, physically and emotionally. I hope you’re also very proud of yourself, you’re a go getter, you’re doing it yourself.  I’m also very happy that my work is being shown. (Can’t thank you enough forgiving me that opportunity), Last but certainly  not least I’m so happy and so lucky to be able , even in a very small way , to be a tiny part of your curatorial career. I value that more than you can imagine.”

Participating artists in ‘Loss & Lucidity’ exhibition, Inguna Gremzde/ Kate Orme

“Hi Diana…….. I hope you are well…… I thought I’d drop a line to let you know that I got an 80!!!!!! It was that number  right top of the drawing 1 candidate result list!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo happy and soooooo grateful for all your help!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!”

“I just got my POP1 mark back – and I passed! With 54% which is way more than I was expecting. I thank you SO much for your time to look through my work and tell me what worked and what didn’t – it helped so much I can’t tell you.”

Rodoula Anastasiou & Catherine Levey BA (Hons) Degree Open College of Arts

Exhibition opening, Cyprus

“We at St Wulfram’s are delighted to be able to offer this sacred space to showcase the amazing work by the students of Grantham College. After visiting the exhibition at the college for the last 2 years, I know that the standard of work is exceptional and is a real opportunity for these up and coming artists to show their true and innate talent. Well done to our students and their tutors. Congratulations to the organisers for using the church – inspired!”

Mos Kalbas (Governor Chairman, Grantham College) on curating end of year exhibition

“…the group crit with Diana… that was a real highlight… from that point I think everyone’s been a bit more confident about talking to each other, and not just about people’s work…
…and that crit was wonderful… absolutely brilliant… we had a terrific little discussion… all banging off each other… absolutely wonderful…
…the group crit… with Diana… discussing the possibilities… so that was, kind of, a key moment…”

On leading the group critique wth EM:16 Pulse Artists at Surface Gallery

“Absolutely brilliant, really enjoyed the session, gave a good chance to express opinions and debate them, the studies chosen were powerful and thought provoking.”
“Will help me appreciate art in the future better and consider using art to market the business better.”
“Open my eyes to art and the debate of the artist.”
“An enthusiastic and well delivered presentation that got everyone involved regardless of their initial position on the subject of the importance of art in our society. Thank you!”

Participants from Growleaders (DYB consulting) creative mentoring

“Another great day at the DNMGS Arts Workshop with Di Ali at Southwell Library. I can recommend this to any of our survey group members. You don’t need any particular art/creative experience. Di our tutor will show you all you need to know. It is just great fun (and as messy as you want it to be) I have not done anything like this since school (just a few years ago) but am loving it.  It’s really good fun. Group members, come and have a go. You don’t need any experience. Most of us haven’t done any of this since school. Di Ali, our tutor is just fantastic. She will help you with whatever you decide to do.” 

Tony Beresford, participant. Medieval art workshops(Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Medieval Graffiti Survey)