‘Identity, Time & Place’

This is a conversational film where participants from different art forms, cultural heritages, places, ages, races, genders and identities are interviewed about IDENTITY, TIME & PLACE. The interviews were set up by Visual Artist, Diana Ali as part of an ongoing dialogue of how we have difficult conversations, deconstruct identities across time and place and unravel personal experiences that inform our sense of being. It questions and discusses individual and collective thoughts of how legacy, heritage, geography, politics, social economics and more, shape our identity.


‘Revolve:R’edition 4 Project with Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal



A collaboration with Digital Dialogues. Two art collages get together for CMYK remix corridor.

Click here for stop motion animation of the process


Night photography

Collaboration with artist Ann-Marie Kerr at Woolsthorpe Manor Light Festival and Cumbria

DSLR, pixel sticks & playing with fire


‘Suits You Not Me’

A collaboration with artist Will Hughes

Art student Will Hughes makes a protest against art lectures having to wear corporate clothes to management.


‘Internal Propositions’

A collaboration with J. Damron, Nevada. Fine Art Bivouacs


Humans co-exist in crowded urban areas. As we walk down the streets side by side we simultaneously have internal dialogues. We may be another statistic, another human who worries about the everyday privately.

British philosopher, Gilbert Ryle says that the events that happen with the body are public: that means that anyone can see them or know them. But the events that happen to the mind are private: only I can know them for sure. I know what is happening in my own mind by a special ability, that is something like visual seeing but also different: this ability is called “introspection” or inward-looking.



In collaboration with Digital Dialogues, UK

“We are currently engaged in a long distanced collaborative project using the email system and creative packages within the home computer suite. Drawing occupies a central role in the work, being both the initial drawn component scanned into the PC, and an integral part of the pictures development as it zips back and forth between collaborators while in file format. The mark making is directed using either a drawing tablet or the mouse itself,and drawings are instigated by either collaborator. Although this form of pictorial communication is itself the primary subject matter, each individual dialogue is representative of concerns, expressions and incidents based on our own particular experiences and personal histories. We literally draw out the threads of our daily lives, ritually recording the most pertinent in sketch form. These ‘diaristic’ sketches are then worked upon and expanded until each subsequent e-drawing reaches completion. The sleeping partner in all of this is the machine or program itself, for as expansive as the possibilities within each program may be, our choices are still confined within its parameters.”

Digital Dialogues are Jason Davies & Darren Williams.



A national/international responsive book project.A Project with Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal

Revolve: Meditate, Rotate, Muse, Twist, Turn Over In Mind

Revolve:R is a collaborative project in visual correspondence, which will be published periodically as a limited-edition hard-cover book. At the core of Revolve:R is the potential for the re-invention of both snail-mail correspondence and the artist book.



In collaboration with  Bridget Murray. More info

Louise Hazelwood (Curator) has invited twelve artists with twelve themes into an exhibition at Bank Street, Sheffield. Each theme will be based on a year ending in __12. Artists are asked to make links between the corresponding dates 12th December – 24th December 2012 inclusive with the same dates in their other chosen year for example 1412.

Common Interests- locality, buildings, detail, fictional characters and narratives, observations from real life, still life, objects, photos, and other visuals, correspondence, postal systems, epistolary literature, the everyday and physical postal ephemera.


‘Curry Project’Cyprus

A collaboration with Nicos Philippou

Bengali cooking to Cypriot audience


‘Hunting Season….just started’Israel

A collaboration between Gali Timen (Israel) and Diana Ali (UK). More info