Ongoing-Collection of narratives

Collections of stories, collection hold stories

Analogue & digital processes

Textual Relationships

Lost, forgotten, archival and unwanted messages are retrospectively reacted upon. The relationships are fictional but the suggestions are true. Learning how to write, learning how to play the piano is an emulation of learning to have relationships.


Water’s Talking

A collection of personal found footage involving sounds, walking on terrains, movement and music.

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A collection and video assemblage of found footage whilst traveling. On my travels , I went seeking and collected snippets of sound, movement, nature and visuals that resonated with me in those moments of having ‘the perfect moment’ when in a foreign place. This film is memoirs of a moment through different terrains, weathers, languages and music.


‘Are you a Godd (God or Good) person….?’

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This piece tells the experience of being detained at Tel Aviv airport during the Hamas political situation in 2014. The 10 minute video is a jolly but hard hitting situation of proving one’s identity, reasons for being an artist and justifications of being allowed a Muslim surname. The work plays with the saved images after my mobile phone was stolen, text and conversations whilst being interviewed.


‘Global Side Streets’

106 photographs, 10 years, 88 places, 10 metres long from dusk till dawn

Emulsion transfers

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This lifelong project at the moment contains 96 photos, from 84 places over 10 years. It will continue as I travel alone and come across dead ends during wondering and not following maps. We often follow the crowd but where is the ‘real’ places we dismiss as a foreigner and tourist? The work documents the hidden streets we often avoid.



Digitally manipulated photographs (series of 12)

Day dreaming, procrastinating, temporary disengagement, the classic ‘break from reality’; one has a yearning to disassociate from the real, the tragedy and the suffering that surrounds us. We close our eyes to reality but pay attention to the conspiracies and melodrama that is the media. Multiple images from the media have been manipulated, distorted and misconstrued to represent the many ways in which we choose to believe what is the reality. ‘SPAWN’ is a series of digital photographs, which distort the horror of honest images into alluring, glossy magazine facades, which evade the truth. After all, democracy is a choice of what we want to see because I have chosen it.