8mm projector explorations

‘Kind Regards’

8mm film projected, found footage, fictional narratives.

Watch film here: https://vimeo.com/537825528

Taken from found footage of 60’s glamour and explicit texts, this fabricated story conveys secret going-ons. Using a super8 projector, the spool runs freely until it is burnt or stuck. Splicing and cut-up methods have been used to reinvent the original narrative. It questions the inner fantasies of what lies behind closed doors whether that is ours or someone else’s.


Work in progress



8mm found footage from 1960’s. Direct animation. (2.14 minutes)

Watch film here: https://vimeo.com/863196189?share=copy

This short experimental film is found footage which had been abandoned. The original footage shows a mother and son playing together and it seems like it was the 1960’s. The original stock has been played with felt tip pens and ink, almost like a child exploring a new material. The result is one of a distorted memory.