Collaborations, Participation & Open Calls:

‘The Please Replies…..’ London 2010.


NEW CURATORIAL PROJECTLoss & Lucidity– California, USA, Summer 2018- contact me for details on how to submit- I’m looking for artists! DEADLINE 12th May 2018.

‘HeadLies’ Deadline: 01st October 2011. Info.

‘The Please Replies….’ Deadline: December 2010. Info.

‘Distant Dialogues’ Deadline: 30th September 2009. Info.

‘Post-Authorship’ Deadline: January 2009. Info.

‘Defamiliarization’ Wimbledon Gallery, End Gallery- Sheffield, Site Gallery- Sheffield. Deadline: 24th March 2008. Info.

Exhibition Opportunities:

‘The Please Replies….’ London 2010.

‘Engagement & Entrapment’ Exhibition #3. Seoul, South Korea. Pls email for details on how to submit. Deadline 30th May 2016. Info.

‘Engagement & Entrapment’ Exhibition #2. Touring to Nicosia, Cyprus. Pls email for details on how to submit. Deadline 30th May 2015. Info.

‘Engagement & Entrapment’ Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Deadline March 2014. Info. 

‘A State of Un-Play’ Atelier 35, Bucharest, Romania. Deadline March 2013. Info.

‘Beyond the Material World’ Barlane Studios, York. Deadline 29th February 2012. Info.

‘Mis-IN-Formation’ Fringe Arts Festival Bath. Deadline: 17th February 2012. Info.

‘Dialogues: A Fake Romance?’ The Malt Cross Gallery, Nottingham. Deadline: 22nd January 2010. Info.

‘double lives:duple trials’ The Elysium Gallery, Swansea. Deadline: 30th November 2010. Info.

‘Subversive Correspondence’ Bristol & London deadline: 03rd July 2009. Info.

‘Olfaction’ The Empty Shop Gallery, Durham. Deadline: 17th April 2009. Info.

‘Up & Coming’ CUC Liverpool. Deadline: 26th May 2008. Info.