New Media- Distance & Travel

‘Are you a godd person?….’ (Israel/Palestine)

(animation coming soon….)



(animation coming soon….)

74 photographs, 10 years, 40 cities from dusk till dawn (emulsion transfers)




Day dreaming, procrastinating, temporary disengagement, the classic ‘break from reality’; one has a yearning to disassociate from the monotony of our habitual base doings. A momentary release is all that is needed. The Higher Self in the remoteness talks to the subconscious and tells us that a frivolous and meaningless task will not damage the actual reality that we live in but it will merely briefly dislodge. How does one do this? Multiple images from the everyday have been manipulated, distorted and misconstrued to represent the many ways in which we can have this escapism hence, the removal effect is reflected. One person’s fantasy is never the same as another’s but SPAWN asks the audience to change this. Where one thought is deemed to be the product of the owner, in turn it is to be appropriated into an uncontrolled outcome. After all, are we not spawning Parallel Universes constantly and together?


Direct Animation

Super 8mm camera

Work in progress